Megumi Todd was born and raised in Tokyo Japan. She has been working as a doll maker/ sculptor since 2012 in the US without the proper experience as an artist. She mainly carves wood to create her little, exquisite ball jointed dolls so it will be able to pose like a model in a portrait painting. She also carves sculptures in scale of smaller than 1/12 so it will shorten the physical distance between a viewer and the artwork.
Her works have been displayed in several galleries and has won the first place awards in miniature and mixed media art in 2018 Georgia National Fair Fine Art Competition. Her unique creations and works have also been featured in magazines such as Daphne's Diary 4th edition in 2016 and Art Doll Quarterly Halloween issue in 2018.
She specializes on wood because she feels that carving human figures gives life to them in a different form, while also creating dolls that challenge the viewers bias about "dolls".